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06/08/2021 Reopening Update

New Ventilation system in the Cherwell Temple

The new Ventilation system in the Cherwell Temple is now able to be used, the long awaited switch arrived last week and was fitted.

The two new heat exchanger ventilation units have been installed over the honours board on the left when you enter the temple

The switch to control the ventilation is under the first honours board on the left, switch the red switch on and set the speed control.

NOTE: Whatever speed you set it will initially go to full speed then slow to the speed you have set.

Cherwell Temple - The Recirculation Air Conditioning units

In line with Government guidance Under ventilation it mentions:“if you use mechanical ventilation, ensuring that your systems are set to maximise fresh air and minimise air recirculation. Maximising the amount of fresh air your system draws in or ensuring additional fresh air will help avoid COVID-19 spreading”

The Recirculation Air Conditioning units must NOT be switched on during meetings, it is suggested on hot days they be switched on 2-3 hours before the meeting then switched off before the meeting.

Gents & Ladies Toilets

As previously mentioned - The electric hand driers have been isolated - Two Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispensers and Two Sanitising Soap Dispensers have been installed. A Non touch opening lid Stainless Steel waste bin for paper towels is in place. l.

Temple & Committee Room Booking

As previously mentioned we are installing a 21” monitor in the Tyler’s area, that will show the current months temples and committee room allocations, Alan (plus myself) will have access to updating this, members will also be able to see this remotely.

Please contact Alan Wase if you want to book these rooms please - Email Bookings

Dining Room & Franchisee

Work commences on the dining room alterations on Monday 9th August, we estimate this will take two weeks, we will keep you updated on this and the franchisee.

20/07/2021 Use of Freemason's Hall Code of Conduct

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